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The album contains 10 songs and the release date is Friday 4th May 2018!!

Meanwhile Gideon Coe has played PROVEN WARRIOR again on his great show on BBC Radio 6.
check out the latest play, just after the Gang of Four




We are thrilled to present a song from the new LP which features the wonderful Claudia Brücken on lead vocals! 
Claudia really got inside the song, which questions our acceptance of the status-quo, whatever t that may be. 
The video - a tribute to neo-realist master Vittorio de Sica is right here:

Coming Soon in 2018 

Avant-pop mavericks Jack Adaptor return in 2018 with The Spoiler Versions, a 10 song examination of modern experience that gives the existential game away. Two independent and wilful musicians who, without anyone forcing them to, make music, collaborate with fine artists and animators and write songs about tough subjects with an acerbic wit. 

The music is composed, played, recorded and produced by Christopher Cordoba, who creates diverse musical landscapes which follow no rules and perfectly complement Paul Frederick’s optimistic pessimism.

If this record was a movie, the important plot points given away would be: 

He ties himself to a tree

He takes the medication 

He retreats into nostalgia 

He puts on his mascara 

They drop the bomb 

He celebrates beach life (wearing an anorak) 

He doesn’t get the girl he wants 

He gets the girl he doesn’t want 

He recognises Death

She says when… 

But it isn’t a movie (as yet). It’s a record, and it will be available on limited edition CD and digital download on 23rd February 2018.

Supple Pipe Records SP3011  

limited edition CD and digital download