Intelligent pop music with suss which maintains that there is still something of worth to be done with that form of expression... why is no-one else doing this? ”

Louder Than War

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Jack Adaptor are Paul 'Fred' Frederick (ex-lead singer of The Family Cat) and multi-instrumentalist producer Christopher Cordoba. 2018 sees the release of their finest album yet: The Spoiler Versions, a meditation on modernity and mortality. 

Since they first started working together in 1996 Frederick and Cordoba have recorded with legendary Radiohead/Auteurs/Placebo producer Phil Vinall, toured with the likes of Maximo Park, topped Universal Horse's Alternative Top 40 Chart, been featured on TV, radio and press across Europe and more recently made a triumphant return to the stage at 2016's Gigantic all-dayer. Meanwhile, through steadily releasing a body of work that would rival most indie megastars in both quantity and quality, they have been lauded by the likes of Steve Lamacq, Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff and writer/broadcaster Andrew Collins. 

Describing the band's overall sound is no mean feat as it has varied greatly from album to album, track to track and even within individual recordings themselves. On their self-titled debut for instance, elements of Funk, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Rock and even Baroque Pop can all be heard which presumably led Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley to affectionately label it as "homemade Prince". In the years since, the band have explored further styles, such as Synth Pop, Americana and Latin Jazz, but always with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm seldom heard in much contemporary indie music. 

With such a broad creative palette and some modest achievements under their belt, it is surprising that the band have not yet been able to cross over to a wider audience. Then again, it's worth noting that the same was originally the case for Nick Drake, Big Star and The Velvet Underground (who incidentally have all been strong influences on Jack Adaptor) and now it is difficult to imagine pop music world without them. 

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praise for jack adaptor


“what Prince and Phoenix might have got up to had they hung out together in a tin-plated North London studio”  Bob Stanley on Jack Adaptor (debut album) 

“J’Accuse! is turning out to be something rather special” Andrew Collins on J'Accuse!, selected as one of his '50 Albums Of 2014' (which only consisted of 12 albums) 

"an album of adroit pop charm" MOJO on J'Accuse! 

“Wave after wave of pleasure. I can’t wait to spin it again” Miles Hunt on Jack Adaptor 

"full of smart pop music... maybe this, their sixth album, will announce them to a wider audience" Scottish Daily Express on J'Accuse! 

"Jack Adaptor... will captivate you without question" Bernd Seidel (Intro, Germany) 

“Jack Adaptor write the chronicles of rock 'n' roll” Everybody Wants To Be Nameless, France 

“Fans of Ween should buy this” XL Magazine, Netherlands 

"Blitz-intelligent songwriting" Robert Rotifer (FM 4, Austria) 

“An ace album of cutesy beats to blow away the cobwebs of evil” Vic McGlynn on Jack Adaptor 

"If you can't find anything to enjoy on J'Accuse!, you're not listening carefully enough" Backseat Mafia on J'Accuse! 

“J’accuse is an album, and by extension Jack Adaptor are a band, not overtly chasing love or popularity at any cost. It is art and is a welcome reminder of an age when our entertainers were ARTISTS. J’Accuse (great title in light of all this) is intelligent pop music with suss which maintains that there is still something of worth to be done with that form of expression. In doing so, it leaves a question hanging in the air; why is no-one else doing this? Jack Adaptor, take a bow”. Phillip Thompson Louder Than War magazine



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